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Little River SC Real Estate for sale are located in this beautiful community with a following to keep all the residents busy all year long. Little River S.C. is one of the oldest as well as one of the most extremely distinctive cities on the outer banks of the Grand Strand. Little River homes for sale are located throughout the city with many available close to the Intracoastal Waterway. If you’re looking for Little River SC Real Estate for sale, please contact your friendly agents at


Driving towards N.C. on US 17, the town of Little River will be the last SC town you will go through before reaching the N.C. State line. Little River lies on the shoreline of the great Intracoastal Waterway, many Indians referred to this as "Mineola" and so the English renamed this area as Little River and this is how it was named.

Throughout its early history, the town of Little River was known for the good and bad of famous people.. Being a very reclusive harbor many pirates, and other scavengers of the high seas are known to have put down stakes here. However, George Washington and his crew had a lay-over here when touring the Kings Highway relating to the Southeast Tour in about 1791.While Little River is considered to be relatively small town found in the state of S.C.. Having a total population of only 8,960 citizens and four local neighborhoods, the town of Little River claims its spot as the 48th largest town in S.C.

Little River makes a claim to being known as a white-collar community, with a tally of 85.76% of the labor force working in white-collar positions, which is well over the nation's average. On the whole, Little River is actually a city of product sales as well as office staff, service vendors and administrators. There are many individuals residing in Little River who have employed in administrative as well as office services (17.81%), marketing positions (17.67%) and food services (11.72%).

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As of the present time Little River is without any form of public transportation. That is not to say their want be one in the near future. With more folks planning to move here in the near future, this makes Little River SC Real Estate for sale a very inviting attraction for those looking for residents in Little River.

Little River is also known for some of the best seafood on the Grand Strand. With its charter boats for fishing and annual festivals such as the blue crab festival, Little River is the host of many events all year long. Along with its historic oak trees that tower over the shores of Little River banks.

One of the main attractions here at Little River is famous Casino Boats that depart from the shores at regular intervals (twice each day) to supply you with Vega style gambling and great entertainment. These boats are housed here at the docks of Little River. The boats will take you beyond the International Limits where all gambling is legal. (You didn't think gambling was legal in Little River did you?)

You can also rent charter boats for fishing the gulf or just take a party boat out for some all-day fun. If you would rather travel by yourself or on a jet ski, there are rentals available for this type of recreation as well. So come on down and join the fun here at Little River and meet some of the friendly people that live here. Also, we have plenty of new homes here in Little River SC Real Estate for sale.

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