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When one thinks of Murrells Inlet hushpuppies should come to mind. Yes, believe it hushpuppies were invented right here in Murrell Inlet. Murrells Inlet has many ghost and pirates in its closest. The famous Blackbeard was known to travel these parts and bury loop here from some of his many high seas robberies. While you’re thinking of Blackbeard, the pirate don't forget about the ghost that haunts the area and the ghost stories that go along with them.

Historical past within our local community started creating itself a long time before this particular location had been legally dubbed Murrells Inlet by the postal service in the year 1913. The source of this title continues to be a sense of mystery with ideas coming from old stories of myths associated with cutthroat buccaneers as well as fishermen and their tall tales. Most of the documents that mention Murrell Inlet way back then lack the proof needed to verify the claims of the original origin of the name Murrells Inlet.

Murrells Inlet has a very distinguished past coming from Spanish Conquistadors dating back to the16th century. Let’s not forget the native Indians that roamed these parts for hundreds of years. Back when colonies were first being formed rice was one of the main crops that were being grown in 1700 throughout the 1800s. In the year, 1850 rice had reached production of over 39 million pounds that had been produced in the Waccamaw Neck area which includes Murrells Inlet.

The rice planters of S.C. were far more superior than the plantations that were growing tobacco, cotton and sugar cane. Joseph Alston, who became governor in S.C., was also a rice plantation owner. With so much history going on here wouldn't you like to be part of it?

In 1863, Murrells Inlet saw its first round of the Civil War. The Inlet being used as a port for the Confederacy to move the cotton and another contraband to the English in exchange for guns, food, medicine and ammo was eventually attacked by the War Ships of the Union. With the war came the decline of the once popular rice plantations and soon these crops were devastated by tropical weather and hurricanes. By 1916, the last of the rice plantations had gone under with nothing left except the cotton and tobacco growers.

Soon new growth had begun with fishing in the private sector and recreational fishing was starting to grow as well. With the war over and new residents coming into the area from Conway, Marion and South Port the area once again started to grow. The natural resources provided by the area brought more settlers into the Murrells Inlet area and rebuilding the town was a huge success.

The transport passages in the early 1900s had been mainly the Waccamaw River and the ocean of the Atlantic for larger ships. The roads were Kings Road (made use of by George Washington’s) and also the River Road (down the Waccamaw River close to the sugar plantations) meant for horses as well as covered wagons and anything else that needed this form of transportation. While these dirt roads were very primitive roads which bore absolutely no similarity to present-day roads.

With Highway 17 being paved somewhere around 1933 as part of as a political attempt to supply more modern roads throughout the U.S. With the beginning of shipping and delivery routes they depended on the deeper waters of the Waccamaw River to move their supplies and goods. The Comanche steamship was used for passengers and mail deliveries and would use the Washseshaw Landing as its port to get their passengers to Murrells Inlet in those days.

The Marsh Ecology and Murrells Inlet Environment
The animals, birds and marine life use the salt marsh of the Inlet for such things as nurseries, breeding as well as feeding during their life span. The Inlet and surrounding area rely mostly on the communities to protect this delicate eco system.

With new business popping up in this area it is a very delicate balance of nature and man to live and prosper in this area. Take part in our quaint little town by becoming a resident here. Murrells Inlet SC Homes for sale are available below. You can call us anytime to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Many dining places, boat docks as well as houses have been built in this town of Murrells Inlet. While local citizens are certainly not quick to overlook what brought them to our beautiful town originally. Front-porch stories, as well as ghost stories plus an assortment of local excursions, preserve the historical past so sincerely rooted within our marsh creeks as well as river landings and sandy banks. With so much history here wouldn't you like to be part of the future here in Murrells Inlet?

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