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Galivants Ferry SC homes for sale has a history that many home owners are proud of to this day.

Galivants Ferry was initially described in the SC Sculptures at Large in the year 1792 in a location then known as Elirsee's Landing. The ferryboat crossing had been vested with a gentleman named Richard Gallevan for the early duration of 14 years and the actual permitted service fees had been stated in English dollars. In those days, the county name appeared to be Kingston County as well as the county seat had been Conwayboro.

The ferryboat crossing had been once again described in the 1795 SC Acts referring to Highways, Bridges and also Ferries, using the title Elvise's Landing, currently being vested with the man they called Richard Gullivan as well as fees being paid for in U.S. currency.

The highway as well as the ferry boat to Kingston County had been the primary entry way coming from Marion County, after that referred to as Liberty County, for the region of Kingston, today referred to as Horry County. As a result, the highway and ferry had been taken care of with public funds for the benefit of all the citizens.

The very first wooden plank road throughout the Pee Dee swamp had been built for the ferry as of the 1800's. At this time you can still view the remains of the fertilizer barge that is still visible during seasons of low waters that are present upstream of the existing highway bridge. It looks like ferry barges from the beginning of the 1800's.

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All through the Great Depression a man called George Holliday continued to produce a human population by which cash had basically disappeared. To cope with this challenge Holliday created a type of money known as "scrip" that the local people might barter form items with the Holliday merchants. In those days, the vast majority of farming output had been manufactured by farm owners dwelling within the property along with their family members and also consenting to help "share the crop" together with the property owner usually for a 50/50 split, therefore the phrase "sharecropper “came about. At it's maximum, 1200 to 1500 citizens were sustained by the Holliday plantations in the west of Horry County.

In the late 1876, the currently famous, greatest managing political meeting occurred while in the Galivants Ferry district presenting General Wade Hampton, formerly a hero from the Civil War, as part of his duties for running for governor. Political speaking were being known as "Stump Speakings". Galivants Ferry just recently commemorated 128 yrs as being the longest managing Democratic stump presentation the United States. Throughout glory days during the early 1900's, Galivants Ferry developed the foundation for the Horry County's tobacco history in addition to preserving The Present Democratic Primary (stump) speaking.

While George Hollidays' 2 sons, Joseph and also John Monroe, continuing the practice associated with farming efficiency in addition to providing the farm building community with essential items designed for agriculture, feeding and also clothing households in the local community. At this time, the 5th generation of Hollidays continue following the method of their forbearers, even though using tobacco is actually disappearing with the "old world" will no longer exists.

Due to its exclusive history, Galivants Ferry had been identified by currently being placed into the National Register of Historic Places in the year 2001. Structures thus specified, include, the chapel, owner homes, grist (grinding) mill, pack house, storehouses, occupant (sharecropper) homes, as well as other kinds of outdoor structures such as the big red barn.

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